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21st Century Agile Leadership Coaching Program

Program Overview:

Our modern business world is fast-paced, with rapid changes requiring leaders to be agile, both in their thinking and actions.

This program aims to hone a leader’s skills for the 21st century, focusing on agility in leadership and its associated qualities.

Week 1: Introduction to Modern Leadership

Summary: This week offers an initiation into the core concepts of modern leadership. By exploring Joiner and Joseph’s Leadership Levels and understanding organizational and inner agility, participants will build a foundation for what constitutes agile leadership in today’s dynamic environment.

Week 2: Power, Influence, and Purpose

Summary: This week introduces the dynamics of power and influence in leadership. Participants will learn to define and align both organizational and personal purpose and values, understanding their symbiotic relationship in effective leadership.

Week 3: Leadership Styles

Summary: Different situations call for different leadership styles. This week, participants will explore various leadership styles, their advantages, drawbacks, and the importance of adaptability in leadership approaches.

Week 4: The Flex Model for Leaders

Summary: The Flex Model stands as the focal point this week, teaching leaders how to be adaptive in their decision-making. Real-life scenarios and case studies further embed the model’s practical applications based on Flex book by Jeffrey Hull.

Week 5: Self-awareness & Self-management

Summary: Self-awareness is the cornerstone of effective leadership. This week emphasizes understanding oneself, which is pivotal for managing one’s actions, decisions, and interactions in a leadership role.

Week 6: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Summary: Emotional Intelligence (EI) is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but a ‘must-have’ in leadership. Participants will delve into how EI affects leadership decisions and the techniques to harness and enhance their emotional intelligence.

Week 7: Conversations in Agile Leadership

Summary: Communication forms the bedrock of agile leadership. This week is dedicated to understanding the art of meaningful conversations, the importance of listening, and the role of feedback in agile environments.

Week 8: Wrap-up and Integration

This conclusive week synthesizes all program learnings. Participants review key insights, engage in integration exercises, craft personal development roadmaps, and share experiences. The week ends with a celebratory ceremony.


  • Mentoring Sessions: Monthly check-ins for three months to discuss progress, challenges, and further development.
  • Resource Library Access: Curated readings, podcasts, and videos to further support the leadership journey.

The above plan provides a comprehensive understanding of agile leadership in the 21st century. Regular assessments, feedback sessions, and practical workshops ensure that participants not only learn but also apply their knowledge in real-world situations.

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