We blend human strategies with efficient practices to support forward thinking leaders fostering resilient business growth and purpose driven change.


Your organization has grown to a point where it just feels like it takes forever to get something done.

Your teams appear to be not so great at being coordinated.

Your people are taking too much and the risk of burnout is looming.

Your cost of attrition keeps increasing

You asked for feedback, but nobody is telling you what is really wrong, yet something is not quite right. 

The overall organization’s ability to build something coherent declines.

Clients are complaining. 

The acquisition of new clients does not seem to work.


At Coach to Manage, we are here to help.

We know that time is scarce, costs are always a concern and while the support of a large consultancy or a full-time specialist might seem ideal, in practice it is not possible. 

Some parts of your organization need to change, and we are here for that.

We merge human-centric strategies with efficient practices, tailored for forward-thinking leaders who seek impactful solutions without the overheads.

Our mission: Fostering resilient business growth and purpose-driven change, ensuring sustainable client value. We’re not about one-size-fits-all; we’re about what works for you without the frills and flounces.



Customized Solutions: We know problems may seem familiar, and we know each problem is unique, so we tailored our approach. That’s our speciality.

Expert Insight: With extensive experience in diverse industries, we’re equipped to be your partner during the time that you decide.

Lasting Impact: We aim for sustainable, long-term value for you, your clients, and your teams.



Navigate the complexities of organizational change. We provide targeted strategies and hands-on support with all the ingredients to ensure smooth transitions, minimize disruption, and drive sustainable success in your evolving business landscape.


Unlock the potential of your leaders and teams with our Professional Coaching Programs. Our bespoke approach focuses on enhancing leadership skills, team dynamics, and collaborative efficiency, fostering a culture of continuous growth and innovation.


Enhance your team’s collaborative skills and strategic thinking with our Professional Facilitation and Workshops. Tailored to your unique organizational needs, our interactive sessions are designed to foster creativity, problem-solving, and effective communication, ensuring your team can excel in any collaborative challenge.


Transform your teams into high-performing powerhouses with our specialized services. We focus on optimizing team structures, enhancing collaboration, and sharpening focus, driving exceptional performance and achieving outstanding results.


  • 70% of change initiatives are a failure
  • 14% of startup failures are due to a lack of building a great team
  • 15% of startup failures are due to wrong pricing and running costs strategy
  • 50% of US & 70% of European employees are not engaged at work
  • 70% variance in employee engagement accounts for managers & team leaders 
  • 80% of employees see their leaders as uninspiring
  • 70% of the leaders rate themselves exactly the opposite


She coached me in becoming a Scrum Master first, and later an Agile coach. From the basics I knew from before, with her help I managed to advance quickly. Goal oriented, proactive, very open, yet assertive, communicating with her is easy. Having experience with different cultures she easily adopts but also is able to give support to others that are not familiar with predominant culture. One of the best professionals I have ever had the opportunity to meet.

Miroslav Milenkovic

Team builder - Transformation & Agile Coach

She came at a difficult moment of the company (layoffs) and had to fight against established ways of working and processes. It took a lot of effort, but she managed to change them to something much more agile and documented. She was key in the creation of feature squats and put together a whole confluence space about ways of working.


Head of Mobile

Diane is a organization machine, she can take any project, and make sense of it, she also knows how to guide people to the right path, during the time that we worked together I changed my career path from something more technical to PO and she was key in this transition, she was able to guide me and coach me not only on the most technical aspects of how to run a team and a product, but also in the non technical aspects related to people and communication.


Product Owner

Diane helped me to look at things from various perspectives and brought to light subtle facts. It was an incredibly valuable experience for me. Her guidance allowed me to gain insights that I hadn’t considered before, and the depth of our conversation opened up new dimensions of understanding. I am truly grateful for the wisdom and clarity she brought to our session.


Biomedical Engineering

Amazing listener and body language reader. Diane focused on finding solutions to the problems I was facing. In a very short time, she helped me find techniques and define goals for success. Life is a journey, enjoy it. Thank you, Diane.


Product Manager Consultant


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