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Did you know?

15% of employees are truly engaged with their work

70% variance in employee engagement accounts for managers & team leaders 

80% of employees see their leaders as uninspiring

70% of the leaders rate themselves exactly the opposite

60% of employees want to quit their companies because of their manager

"We are the leaders we have been waiting for"

Lyssa Adkins

Do you find yourself….

Fighting for a balance due to perpetual changes?

Struggling with the pressure?

Having troubles to handle difficult people?

Challenged by a multicultural environment?

Not getting effective time for your team members?

Doubting people are comfortable in your team?

Worried some of your best elements might leave?

"Everyone now knows that managers and leaders needs to coach their people"

Michael Bungay Stanier

Hi there, I am Diane Gombart


I am a certified professional Agile Coach, working in the tech industry for more than 7 years. 

Originally from France, half Portuguese, as far as I can remember, I was always curious about others and different cultures in this world.

That’s what drove me to live in Ireland for few years before establishing myself in Spain for the moment. 

I speak four languages: French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

I am passionate about humans and technology.
What best then to conciliate the two than becoming an Agile Coach? 

As an Agile Coach I am helping companies designing organisations that keep engagement high for customers and for employees. 

But, then I realised that it does not matter how much you coach a team. If their leader is not onboard then the benefits are very limited.

As a leader myself, I investigated on what makes leaders being great… or being an impediment to their teams. 

I learned a lot and I am now helping leaders around me.

Today is going fast and as a leader, you don’t have time to investigate on a lot of books, podcasts, articles, etc.

As a leader, you always have your mind full of challenges and what is the next right thing to do.

You try to do the right thing but sometimes you just go to a default mode which might not be the optimum one, especially when dealing with your team(s).

 As your coach I will help you improve faster, giving you clarity, helping your staying focus on what is important for you.

Available for you wherever you are. Online coaching via phone and video calls.

I will become someone you trust, challenge your learning, give you the confidence to upgrade your skills for the next step while having fun and taking meaningful actions.

Contact me for a free online discovery session.


Your benefits


Pressure management

Focus on the most important

Grow your people

Ability to deal with anyone

What they say about me

She coached me in becoming a Scrum Master first, and later an Agile coach. From the basics I knew from before, with her help I managed to advance quickly. Goal oriented, proactive, very open, yet assertive, communicating with her is easy. Having experience with different cultures she easily adopts but also is able to give support to others that are not familiar with predominant culture. One of the best professionals I have ever had the opportunity to meet.

Miroslav Milenkovic

Team builder - Transformation & Agile Coach & PM

When I think about Diane two words come to my mind: energy and coaching. Energy as workforce she adds wherever she is involved, as Scrum master, as Project Manager, as team mate, her energy is always admirable. Coaching because, it is amazing how she came from Professional Services to Engineering team to really turn on Agile methodology in Product Development. I was impressed the first days when she started to explain to the engineering department about roles involved in a scrum team, her level of knowledge and the way to explain it to the team was determinant to start.


Data Modeler, Adevinta

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