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Coach to Manage

Unleash your capabilities to make an impact whatever the future brings

For Organizations and their Leaders

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Did you know?

15% of employees are truly engaged with their work

70% variance in employee engagement accounts for managers & team leaders 

80% of employees see their leaders as uninspiring

70% of the leaders rate themselves exactly the opposite

60% of employees want to quit their companies because of their manager

"We are the leaders we have been waiting for"

Lyssa Adkins

Do you want to ….

Be able to adapt no matter what the future brings?

Have your organisation to adapt no matter what the future brings?

Have your people working in alignment towards common business objectives?

Conciliate your strategy with your execution?

Get Stakeholders, Product, Engineers and others working together?

"Everyone now knows that managers and leaders needs to coach their people"

Michael Bungay Stanier

We coach Organisations and their leaders to manage their future

We bring Business Agility to the organisational level and create the conditions for fast learnings & short feedback loops.

We partner with leaders on organisational designs, process and culture changes that enable Business Agility that will ensure strategy and execution alignment.

We challenge the status quo and exposes organisational blind spots to identify continuous improvement opportunities.

Organizational Coaching

System patterns identification
Cultural assessment
Organisation maturity assessment
Roadmap for change

Build High Performing Team

Building Teams
Develop high performance
Conflicts resolution
Improving collaboration
Boosting engagement


Product Operations

Define the Product vision
OKRs Implementation
Product Discovery
Business Capabilities


Agile Trainings & Workshops

 Agile values & principles
Scrum workshop
Kanban workshop
Feedback workshop
Business Agility

Making an Impact Across the Globe

We are expert remote worker; we will help you create the culture you need to rich the high-level of achievement you are looking for yourself and your teams. 

Our work in few examples

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What they say about us

She coached me in becoming a Scrum Master first, and later an Agile coach. From the basics I knew from before, with her help I managed to advance quickly. Goal oriented, proactive, very open, yet assertive, communicating with her is easy. Having experience with different cultures she easily adopts but also is able to give support to others that are not familiar with predominant culture. One of the best professionals I have ever had the opportunity to meet.

Miroslav Milenkovic

Team builder - Transformation & Agile Coach

She came at a difficult moment of the company (layoffs) and had to fight against established ways of working and processes. It took a lot of effort, but she managed to change them to something much more agile and documented. She was key in the creation of feature squats and put together a whole confluence space about ways of working.


Head of Mobile

Diane is a organization machine, she can take any project, and make sense of it, she also knows how to guide people to the right path, during the time that we worked together I changed my career path from something more technical to PO and she was key in this transition, she was able to guide me and coach me not only on the most technical aspects of how to run a team and a product, but also in the non technical aspects related to people and communication.


Product Owner

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